Our Story

The Kosher “Dill Pickle” King!

Our story begins in 1960 along the infamous Seven (7) mile and Greenfield area of Detroit, Michigan. Most people in the “Motor City” came to know the family for their high quality deli’s with fresh meats and locally handmade cheeses. The name Topor Deli became a favorite among many of travelers coming and going from the busy Metro-Detroit and surrounding area. During that time the demand for our Kosher dill all natural pickles was so great that they couldn’t keep up with the customers demand.

Then the idea was born, and we decided to turn the deli into a full blown pickling business with one goal in mind. Keep the recipe the same as it has been for over 80 years using only the freshest ingredients.  The cucumbers get fresh dill, fresh garlic, fresh pickling spice, with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives. Just all natural fresh ingredients combined and fermented or pickled with a natural-barrel technique and must always be chilled in a jar. The pickles are aged for a certain time period which allow them to bring out their unique taste and amazing flavors. Larry Topor’s grandmother brought over the recipe from their home in Europe. A family business the Topor’s moved from the seven (7) mile deli into a larger manufacturing facility and has been distributing pickles from a pickle plant on Standish st. in Detroit for the past 30+ years.

If you have not tried our pickles you are missing out on something that just can’t be explained in words alone. At first bite, this masterpiece pickle sends your taste buds into memory bliss. A taste of the old world  still exist in the Detroit and it is in the heart of the Topor Pickle family business.

Although we are not one of the younger upstarting businesses in the metro Detroit “PickleVerse” arena, Larry Topor’s cold-pack “Blue Label” pickles are the GOLD standard containing quality fresh cucumbers, fresh dill, all natural ingredients and fresh pickling spices.

no additives
no preservatives
no sodium benzoate
no artificial coloring
no artificial flavoring
no potassium metabisulfite

While “hot packed”or “shelf stabilized” pickles have a greater shelf life. Cold packing these pickles mean the delicate cucumber never have to be super-heated or heat-treated, no pasteurizing or homogenized is done in the creation of these beauties. Although the process produces excellent pickles it does limit our companies reach. We take special pride in our product and allow orders to go out nationwide. In order to do so “we have to send via next-day or two (2) day ground shipping depending on the customers final destination for the cucumbers (cukes). They are cold-packed and need to be refrigerated until the last one is eaten.


From our family to yours….

We truly hope you enjoy our pickles as much as we do ~ the  Topor family!